Book Reviews

Book Reviews

This page is currently under construction and we hope to have some exciting new developments here in near future.


In the meantime, please take a look at some of the book reviews available online through SAGE publications:

The Creative Destruction of New York City: Engineering the City for the Elite, authored by Alessandro Busà and reviewed by Catalina Neculai

City Unsilenced: Urban Resistance and Public Space in the Age of Shrinking Democracy, authored by Jeffrey Hou and Sabine Knierbein and reviewed by Naomi Adiv

Gentrifier, authored by John Joe Schlichtman, Jason Patch & Marc Lamont Hill and reviewed by Aysegul Can


The following book reviews can be found in the May 2018 issue (Vol 55, Issue 6):

People’s Spaces: Coping, Familiarizing, Creating, authored by Nihal Perera and reviewed by Asha L Abeyasekera

Marxist Thought and the City, authored by Henri Lefebvre & Robert Bononno and reviewed by Jose Francisco Vergara Perucich

The Space Between Us: Social Geography and Politics, authored by Ryan D Enos and reviewed by Ron Johnston