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Books available for review

If you are interested in reviewing a book for Urban Studies, please check the list of books available for review below before getting in touch with our Reviews Editor, Prof Michele Acuto. We are happy to receive requests for other titles but please note that some publishers now only offer e-copies for review although we always request a hard copy where possible.



Africans in Harlem: An Untold New York Story

Boukary Sawadogo

Beyond the Megacity: New Dimensions of Peripheral Urbanization in Latin America

Nadine Reis and Michael Lukas (eds)

Big City Elections in Canada

Jack Lucas and R. Michael McGregor (eds)

Black in Place: The Spatial Aesthetics of Race in a Post-Chocolate City

Brandi Thompson Summers

Cyclescapes of the Unequal City: Bicycle Infrastructure and Uneven Development

John G. Stehlin

Electing a Mega-Mayor: Toronto 2014

R. Michael McGregor, Aaron Alexander Moore and Laura Beth Stephenson

Ethnic Spatial Segregation in European Cities

Hans Skifter Andersen

From Urbanization to Cities: The Politics of Democratic Municipalism

Murray Bookchin

Hired Daughters: Domestic Workers among Ordinary Moroccans

Mary Montgomery

Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey's Forgotten Shore

Abigail Perkiss

Hyperlocal: Place Governance in a Fragmented World

Jennifer S. Vey and Nate Storring

Justice at Work: The Rise of Economic and Racial Justice Coalitions in Cities 

Marc Doussard and Greg Schrock

Leading Cities: A Global Review of City Leadership

Elisabeth Rappaport, Michele Acuto, and Leonora Grcheva

Making Mexican Chicago: From Postwar Settlement to the Age of Gentrification

Mike Amezcua

Making the Modern Slum: The Power of Capital in Colonial Bombay

Sheetal Chhabria

Mapping Historical Las Vegas: A Cartographic Journey

Joe Weber

Mobile Urbanity: Somali Presence in Urban East Africa

Neil Carrier and Tabea Scharrer (eds)

Neighborhood Defenders: Participatory Politics and America's Housing Crisis

Maxwell Palmer

Political Geography of Cities and Regions: Changing Legitimacy and Identity

Kees Terlouw

Pop City: Korean Popular Culture and the Selling of Place

Youjeong Oh

Power, Participation and Protest in Flint, Michigan

Ashley E. Nickels

Shadow Play: Information Politics in Urban Indonesia

Sheri Lynn Gibbings

Showroom City: Real Estate and Resistance in the Furniture Capital of the World

John Joe Schlichtman

Stories in Stone: Travels Through Urban Geology

David B. Williams

The American Housing Question: Racism, Urban Citizenship, and the Privilege of Mobility

Randolph Hohle

The City in China: New Perspectives on Contemporary Urbanism

Ray Forrest, Julie Ren and Bart Wissink (eds)

The Company We Keep: Interracial Friendships and Romantic Relationships from Adolescence to Adulthood

Grace Kao, Kara Joyner, Kelly Stamper Balistreri

The People's Money: Pensions, Debt, and Government Services

Michael A. Pagano (ed.)

The Rise of the Creative Class

Richard Florida

The Speculative City: Emergent Forms and Norms of the Built Environment

Cecilia L. Chu and Shenjing He

Urban Development in China Under the Institution of Land Rights

Jieming Zhu

Urban Youth Trauma: Using Community Intervention to Overcome Gun Violence

Melvin Delgado

Who Is the City For? Architecture, Equity, and the Public Realm in Chicago

Blair Kamin


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