Climate Change

Climate Change


Written by:

Yong Tu

First Published:

02 Aug 2017, 12:00 am

Climate Change

Urban debates for climate change after the Kyoto Protocol

A new Virtual Special Issue Commentary paper by Yong Tu is now available online


From the catalogue of environment-related publications in Urban Studies, this paper identifies and reviews 12 thought-provoking articles that have addressed the issue of climate changes and cities from complementary perspectives. It argues that to advance a holistic understanding of urban environmental issues it is necessary to embrace a broad multi-disciplinary approach, particularly as moving towards low carbon urban living will require integrated social, political and technical adaptation processes. Ultimately, the paper advances a forward-looking research agenda that extends beyond consideration of how to improve urban environmental performance to include evaluation of how urban consumers, firms and local government endeavour to achieve sustainable urban development.

You can access and read the full article here