Editors’ Featured Articles

Each year, Urban Studies publishes around 180 articles advancing the field of urban knowledge. To further promote and facilitate the work of urban scholars we have now introduced Editors’ Featured Articles, which will be accessible via the Urban Studies Online website.

Editors’ Featured Articles makes popular and significant articles that have been recently published available on an open access basis. In addition, selective papers that are not yet in print but connect with the subject matter of these articles in interesting ways will also be available on an open access basis via the website. Featured articles will be updated every quarter.

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Competitive urbanism and the limits to smart city innovation: The UK Future Cities initiative

by Nick Taylor Buck and Aidan While

The ideological alignment of smart urbanism in Singapore: Critical reflections on a political paradox

by Lily Kong and Orlando Woods

Friendship networks and encounters in student-migrants’ negotiations of translocal subjectivity

by Shanthi Robertson

The knowledge economy city: Gentrification, studentification and youthification, and their connections to universities

by Markus Moos, Nick Revington, Tristan Wilkin and Jean Andrey

The urbanisation of rural migrants and the making of urban villages in contemporary China

by Yang Zhan

‘Nice apartments, no jobs’: How former villagers experienced displacement and resettlement in the western suburbs of Shanghai

by Yanpeng Jiang, Paul Waley and Sara Gonzalez