Editors’ Featured Articles

Each year, Urban Studies publishes around 180 articles advancing the field of urban knowledge. To further promote and facilitate the work of urban scholars we have now introduced Editors’ Featured Articles, which will be accessible via the Urban Studies Online website.

Editors’ Featured Articles makes popular and significant articles that have been recently published available to access for free on a temporary basis. In addition, selective papers that are not yet in print but connect with the subject matter of these articles in interesting ways will also be available on a temporary free access basis via the website. Featured articles will be updated every quarter.

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Intergenerational support shaping residential trajectories: Young people leaving home in a gentrifying city

by Cody Hochstenbach and Willem R Boterman

Housing career disparities in urban China: A comparison between skilled migrants and locals in Nanjing

by Can Cui

Locating neighbourhood diversity in the American metropolis

by Kyle Walker

Geographies of ethnic segregation in Stockholm: The role of mobility and co-presence in shaping the ‘diverse’ city

by Jonathan Rokem and Laura Vaughan

Agglomeration, accessibility and productivity: Evidence for large metropolitan areas in the US

by Patricia C Melo, Daniel J Graham, David Levinson and Sarah Aarabi

Does urban form matter for innovation productivity? A national multi-level study of the association between neighbourhood innovation capacity and urban sprawl

by Shima Hamidi and Ahoura Zandiatashbar