Editors’ Featured Articles

Each year, Urban Studies publishes around 180 articles advancing the field of urban knowledge. To further promote and facilitate the work of urban scholars we have now introduced Editors’ Featured Articles, which will be accessible via the Urban Studies Online website.

Editors’ Featured Articles makes popular and significant articles that have been recently published available to access for free on a temporary basis. In addition, selective papers that are not yet in print but connect with the subject matter of these articles in interesting ways will also be available on a temporary free access basis via the website. Featured articles will be updated every quarter.

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Knowing urban informalities

by Colin Marx, Emily Kelling

Jakarta’s great land transformation: Hybrid neoliberalisation and informality

by Suryono Herlambang, Helga Leitner, Liong Ju Tjung, Eric Sheppard, Dimitar Anguelov

Governing urbanism: Urban governance studies 1.0, 2.0 and beyond

by Eugene McCann

The post-political state? The role of administrative reform in managing tensions between urban growth and liveability in Brisbane, Australia

by Andrew Clarke, Lynda Cheshire

Gentrification, displacement and the arts: Untangling the relationship between arts industries and place change

by Carl Grodach, Nicole Foster, James Murdoch

Art’s failure to generate urban renewal: Lessons from Jerusalem

by Meirav Aharon-Gutman