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Read this quarter's Editors’ Featured Articles, which are available free access on a temporary basis.

Each year, Urban Studies publishes around 180 articles advancing the field of urban knowledge. To further promote and facilitate the work of urban scholars we have now introduced Editors’ Featured Articles, which will be accessible via the Urban Studies Online website.

Editors’ Featured Articles makes popular and significant articles that have been recently published available to access for free on a temporary basis. In addition, selective papers that are not yet in print but connect with the subject matter of these articles in interesting ways will also be available on a temporary free access basis via the website. Featured articles will be updated every quarter.

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Platform economies and urban planning: Airbnb and regulated deregulation in London

Mara Ferreri, Romola Sanyal

On how the activities and uses facilitated by ‘sharing’ platforms are remaking spaces and territorial governance.


Airbnb and its potential impact on the London housing market

Zahratu Shabrina, Elsa Arcaute, Michael Batty

What is the potential impact of Airbnb use and Airbnb misuse on the London housing market?


Megalopolis unbound: Knowledge collaboration and functional polycentricity within and beyond the Yangtze River Delta Region in China, 2014

Yingcheng Li, Nicholas Phelps

Is Shanghai a global scale knowledge hub?


Proximity and the evolving knowledge polycentricity of megalopolitan science: Evidence from China’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, 1990–2016

Haitao Ma, Yingcheng Li, Xiaodong Huang

Ma et al study proximity and the evolving knowledge polycentricity of megalopolitan science.


Chronic urban trauma: The slow violence of housing dispossession

Rachel Pain

Interrogating the connections between the slow violence of historical events and current day processes of urban dispossession: the linkages between managed industrial decline and contemporary housing dispossession under neoliberalism and austerity.


From housing crisis to housing justice: Towards a radical right to a home

Valesca Lima

Lima explores the ways housing movements in Dublin use direct and confrontational approaches as political action.