Latest updates on Urban Studies 09/09/19

Latest updates on Urban Studies 09/09/19


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09 Sep 2019, 8:00 am

Latest updates on Urban Studies 09/09/19

Editors’ Featured Articles

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Urbanism and happiness: A test of Wirth’s theory of urban life by Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, Joan Maya Mazelis

Does living in cities make people unhappy? Evidence for the US.


What does poverty feel like? Urban inequality and the politics of sensation by Rivke Jaffe, Eveline Dürr, Gareth A Jones, Alessandro Angelini, Alana Osbourne, Barbara Vodopivec

What embodied experiences do tourists and residents associate with urban poverty? Drawing on collaborative research in Kingston, Mexico City, New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro, this article explores how tours offer tourists a sense of what poverty feels like.


Scaling-up low-carbon urban initiatives: Towards a better understanding by Didi van Doren, Peter PJ Driessen, Hens Runhaar, Mendel Giezen

What do we mean by the scaling up of initiatives to better achieve low-carbon cities?


Circular cities by Joanna Williams

Critical Commentary develops new “definition and conceptualisation of a circular approach to urban resource management”.


Africa’s new cities: The contested future of urbanisation by Femke van Noorloos, Marjan Kloosterboer

“The future of the world’s urbanisation will be in Africa”: Conceptualising ‘new city’ making in Africa.


Disambiguating the southern urban critique: Propositions, pathways and possibilities for a more global urban studies by Mary Lawhon, Yaffa Truelove

Scholarship engaging with (northern) urban theory from the south has troubled the core of urban studies. Lawhon and Truelove argue for clarifying core propositions and exploring points of convergence and dissonance amongst advocates of the ‘southern urban critique’.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

The transformation of foreign investment-induced ‘exo(genous)-urbanisation’ amidst industrial restructuring in the Pearl River Delta, China by Chun Yang

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: New directions of Urban Studies in China

Yang argues that exo-urbanisation has undergone a paradigm shift and demonstrates uneven patterns of transformation.


Urban climate governance informed by behavioural insights: A commentary and research agenda Critical commentary by Jeroen van der Heijden

Critical Commentary presenting a new research agenda for urban climate governance scholarship informed by behavioural insights.


A longitudinal study of changes in intra-metropolitan employment concentration in Beijing: Decentralisation, reconcentration and polycentrification by Tieshan Sun

Are the employment concentrations within the metropolitan areas of Beijing persistent and/or static?


The frontier of digital opportunity: Smart city implementation in small, rural and remote communities in Canada by Zachary Spicer, Nicole Goodman, Nathan Olmstead

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Worlding smart cities: Towards global comparative research

An examination of the challenges and opportunities of smart city implementation through case studies of small and rural municipalities in Annapolis Valley and a remote community Iqaluit.


Changes in residential satisfaction after home relocation: A longitudinal study in Beijing, China by Fenglong Wang, Donggen Wang

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: New directions of Urban Studies in China

What are the outcomes of residential relocation in terms of residential satisfaction?


Private and public schools: A spatial analysis of social segregation in France by Pierre Courtioux, Tristan-Pierre Maury

New article shifts our understanding of the geographies of education away from large cities.