Latest Updates on Urban Studies

Latest Updates on Urban Studies


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14 Jan 2019, 12:00 am

Latest Updates on Urban Studies

New issue out now

February 2019 cover

The February 2019 (Volume 56 Issue 2) of Urban Studies is now available online here.

Articles include:

Paradigm or paradox? The ‘cumbersome impasse’ of the participatory turn in Brazilian urban planning Critical Commentary by Abigail Friendly and Kristine Stiphany

Examining the interaction between policy areas established by right to the city, but realized through ongoing practices of autogestão.

The analysis of residential sorting trends: Measuring disparities in socio-spatial mobility Methodological Paper by Tal Modai-Snir and Pnina Plaut

This Methodological Paper develops a methodological framework designated to explore how changing mobility patterns translate into temporal and scale variations in residential sorting

If we are flâneurs, can we be cosmopolitans? by Bart van Leeuwen

Modern identity and world citizenship: opportunities and challenges.

Read the full table of contents here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Transcending (in)formal urbanism by Michele Acuto, Cecilia Dinardi, Colin Marx

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Transcending (in)formal urbanism

This Special Issue introduction argues for a dialogue across a diversity of disciplinary approaches with the goal of transcending the othering of informality for the benefit of a more inclusive urban theory contribution.


Thinking with and beyond the informal–formal relation in urban thought by Colin McFarlane

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Transcending (in)formal urbanism

Borrowing alternatives from movements to ‘provincialising’ the informal-formal structure of thought, Colin McFarlane calls for a renewed interest in the potential, and limits, of the informal-formal inheritance in urban thought. 


New posts on Urban Blog

Urban Mobility and Diversity: an interdisciplinary perspective on contrasting patterns of minority settlement in Jerusalem and Stockholm by Jonathan Rokem and Laura Vaughan

This blog follows two recent articles by Dr Rokem and Prof Vaughan: 

Geographies of Ethnic Segregation in Stockholm: The Role of Mobility and Co-Presence in Shaping the ‘Diverse’ City 

Segregation, Mobility and Encounters in Jerusalem: The Role of Public Transport Infrastructure in Connecting the ‘Divided City’


Book reviews now available on Urban Blog

Subaltern Urbanisation in India cover

Book review – Suburb: Planning Politics and the Public Interest

Authored by Royce Hanson and reviewed by Nicholas A Phelps

Suburb not only vindicates “the thought that growth machine politics in the US, and perhaps elsewhere, has been suburban rather than urban but also that planning politics evolves as suburban communities themselves become more mature, complex, and urban”