Latest Updates on Urban Studies

Latest Updates on Urban Studies


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11 Feb 2019, 12:00 am

Latest Updates on Urban Studies

Getting Published in Urban Studies

Detailed guidance notes are now available on Urban Studies Online to assist global scholars with getting their articles published in Urban Studies. Translations have been provided in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, Japanese and Russian.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

What is walkability? The urban DMA by Kim Dovey and Elek Pafka

What is ‘walkability’? The walkability of a neighbourhood cannot be derived from actual levels of walking. Rather it is a set of capacities embodied in urban morphology that we call the Urban DMA – the synergies of density, mix and access.


The role of services in homebuyers’ attitudes: A field experiment in the French off-plan housing market by Fabrice Larceneux and Denis Guiot

Larceneux and Guiot’s study of buyers’ attitudes in the off-plan housing market in France provides theoretical and practical insights into the understanding of homebuyers’ decision making and proposes avenues for further research.

Bifurcated urban integration: The selective dis- and re-assembly of infrastructures by Rachel Macrorie and Simon Marvin

This article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Interfacing infrastructure in cities: Politics and spatialities of the urban nexus

Macrorie and Marvin argue that urban integration-in-practice is partial and selective in its objects and outcomes: metropolitan imaginaries of horizontal integration give way to selective logics of vertical integration privileging socio-spatially valued enclaves. 


From resilience to multi-species flourishing: (Re)imagining urban-environmental governance in Penang, Malaysia by Creighton Connolly

This article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Environmental governance for urban resilience in the Asia-Pacific

Connolly uses the concept of multi-species flourishing to evaluate the potential of emergent urban governance initiatives in Penang, Malaysia, for achieving more socially and environmentally just forms of urban development.


Book reviews now available on Urban Blog

Water, Technology and the Nation-State book cover

Book review: Water, Technology and the Nation-State

Authored by Filippo Menga & Erik Swyngedouw and reviewed by Lucy Goodman

“The book challenges the reader to take a fresh look at many of the common themes in the literature on this topic, namely the role of the private finance and financiers, High Modernism, trans-boundary conflict and resistance.”