Latest updates on Urban Studies

Latest updates on Urban Studies


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01 Oct 2018, 12:00 am

Latest updates on Urban Studies

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Empty houses across North America: Housing finance and Mexico’s vacancy crisis by Paavo Monkkonen

Lessons from Mexico’s housing vacancy crisis: Scholars working in emerging markets should work to identify incentives in finance systems and how they shape.


Understanding urban gentrification through machine learning by Jonathan Reades, Jordan De Souza and Phil Hubbard

The continuing value of quantitative methods in understanding complex urban processes such as gentrification: A demonstration of the capabilities of machine learning in predicting and analysing gentrification in London 


Book reviews now available on Urban Blog

Austerity and Democracy in Athens book cover

Book Review – Narrating the Global Financial Crisis: Urban Imaginaries and the Politics of Myth

Authored by Miriam Meissner and reviewed by Simon Ferdinand

“Miriam Meissner’s “Narrating the Global Financial Crisis” provides a searching, theoretically sophisticated critical account of different cultural constructions of the global financial crisis in media and popular culture.”


Urban news

‘Beyond the Enlightenment: Seismic Shifts, Urban Imagery’

The Urban Photographers Association (UPA) presents the third #CitiesofLight symposium: a one-day symposium designed to examine the active relationship between photographic practice and the way in which the history of cities is expressed in their urbanism, culminating in the presentation of the Kurdish-Iraqi artist Hiwa K. at the end of the day. Visit the website for further details.