Latest updates on Urban Studies

Latest updates on Urban Studies


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15 Oct 2018, 12:00 am

Latest updates on Urban Studies

New issue out now

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The November issue (Volume 55, Issue 14) of Urban Studies now available online here.


2018 Annual Lecture

Neighbourhood effects and beyond: Explaining the paradoxes of inequality in the changing American metropolis by Robert J Sampson

The 2018 Annual Lecture paper is now available open access on OnlineFirst.

Read the blog here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Geographies of ethnic segregation in Stockholm: The role of mobility and co-presence in shaping the ‘diverse’ city by Jonathan Rokem and Laura Vaughan

Space syntax network analysis suggests that Stockholm’s spatial configuration and its housing allocation policies severely limit the potential for copresence between new immigrants and the native Swedish population.


Legal geographies of neoliberalism: Market-oriented tenure reforms and the construction of an ‘informal’ urban class in post-socialist Phnom Penh by Benjamin Cyrus Roger Flower

In post-socialist Phnom Penh “market-oriented tenure reforms were exclusionary by design, and directly resulted in an ‘informal’ tenure system that legally rendered self-built dwellings in a constant state of provisionality”.


Lobbying for rent regulation in Hong Kong: Rental market politics and framing strategies by Mandy HM Lau

‘The policy contest over rent regulation in Hong Kong has been shaped by existing power relations as well as framing processes.’  


Residential relocation and the remaking of socialist workers through state-facilitated urban redevelopment in Chengdu, China by Qinran Yang and David Ley

“The Chinese state simultaneously aims to employ urban redevelopment and residential relocation as an instrument of national economic development, but also to consolidate social order and its own legitimacy.”


Analysing the changes of employment subcentres: A comparison study of Houston and Dallas by Xuejun Liu, Qisheng Pan, Lester King and Zhonghua Jin

An analysis of the emergence and growth of employment centres in large metropolitan areas can help urban planners and policymakers understand job changes and allocate resources in an informed manner.


Does traffic congestion influence the location of new business establishments? An analysis of the San Francisco Bay Area by Taner Osman, Trevor Thomas, Andrew Mondschein and Brian D Taylor

Exploring the traffic congestion-economic performance relationship: A nuanced understanding of the effects of traffic on the San Francisco Bay Area.