Latest Urban Studies news 04/10/21

Latest Urban Studies news 04/10/21


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04 Oct 2021, 10:15 am

Latest Urban Studies news 04/10/21

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Street markets, urban development and immigrant entrepreneurship: Unpacking precarity in Moore Street, Dublin by Cristín Blennerhassett, Niamh Moore-Cherry, Christine Bonnin

Through a case study of Moore Street Market in Dublin, Blennerhassett et al explore the experiences of immigrant entrepreneurs.


Urban ethnic enclaves and migration industries: The urban choices of mobile people by Hila Zaban

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Making Cities through Migration Industries.

Hila Zaban looks at how and why people decide where to settle upon migrating, and the role various migration industry actors play in their urban choices, in this latest special issue.



Spatialising urban health vulnerability: An analysis of NYC’s critical infrastructure during COVID-19 by Gayatri Kawlra and Kazuki Sakamoto

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Urban Public Health Emergencies and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Latest special issue article by Kawlra and Sakamoto examines how fragmentation of critical infrastructure impacts the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City at the neighbourhood level.


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