Latest Urban Studies news 04/12/23

Latest Urban Studies news 04/12/23


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04 Dec 2023, 11:42 am

Latest Urban Studies news 04/12/23

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Creating the spectacular city in everyday life: A governance analysis of urban public space in China by Ryanne Flock

In this new open access study, Ryanne Flock takes the marginalisation of the urban poor in Guangzhou, China, as a starting point to understand patterns of controlling public space.


Rezoning a top-notch CBD: The choreography of land-use regulation and creative destruction in Manhattan’s East Midtown by Igal Charney

Latest paper from Igal Charney aims at filling a gap in urban scholarship by examining two mechanisms together: rezoning/upzoning and the transfer of development rights (TDR).


Housing the homeless: Shifting sites of managing the poor in the Netherlands by Nienke Fredrika Boesveldt and Dolly Loomans

Nienke Fredrika Boesveldt and Dolly Loomans’s open access study the implementation of a housing-led approach in the Netherlands in a context of housing shortages and health care austerity.


Fences, seeds and bees: The more-than-human politics of community gardening in Rotterdam by Shivant Jhagroe

New open access paper by Shivant Jhagroe explores the more-than-human politics of a community garden in Rotterdam, as an expression of sustainable and resilient city making.


Cities for citizens! Public value spheres for understanding conflicts in urban planning by Rico H Herzog, Juliana E Gonçalves, Geertje Slingerland, Reinout Kleinhans, Holger Prang, Frances Brazier, and Trivik Verma

In this open access article Rico Herzog et al proposes a new conceptual model of “Public Value Spheres” that extends the understanding of public value conflicts and helps to further account for the value-laden nature of urban space.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


New book review on Urban Studies Blog

Domicide book cover

Book review: Domicide: Architecture, War and the Destruction of Home in Syria

reviewed by Sabine Ameer

“Azzouz’s Domicide: Architecture, War and the Destruction of Home in Syria, through its focus on human agency, offers a paradigm shift amid the scarcity of narratives where people, their emotions and their lived experiences of violence are on the frontline.”

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