Latest Urban Studies news 05/07/21

Latest Urban Studies news 05/07/21


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05 Jul 2021, 10:33 am

Latest Urban Studies news 05/07/21

Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Making and unmaking masculinities in Cairo through sonic infrastructural violence by Maria Frederika Malmström

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Infrastructural stigma and urban vulnerability

New special issue article by Malmström explores the Egyptian state’s production of masculinities in relation to home and displacement with a focus on sonic infrastructures.


Post-studentification? Promises and pitfalls of a near-campus urban intensification strategy by Nick Revington

Revington finds that post-studentification is subject to pitfalls related to local planning objectives and inequalities with respect to class, age and gender.


New reviews on Urban Blog

On Shifting Foundations book cover

Book review symposium: On Shifting Foundations

introduced by Dave Featherstone, reviewed by Amy Zhang, Ashok Kumar and Wenying Fu with an author response by Kean Fan Lim

This review symposium brings together three scholars who draw attention to key contributions of the book, while also putting forward critiques and questions to Lim.

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