Latest Urban Studies news 05/10/20

Latest Urban Studies news 05/10/20


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05 Oct 2020, 3:43 am

Latest Urban Studies news 05/10/20

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For the benefit of all? State-led gentrification in a contested city by Yael Shmaryahu-Yeshurun, Guy Ben-Porat

Shmaryahu-Yeshurun and Ben-Porat study a state-led #ethno-gentrification in Acre, a contested city in the north of Israel. 


Life between buildings from a street view image: What do big data analytics reveal about neighbourhood organisational vitality? by Mingshu Wang, Floris Vermeulen

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Big data in the city

Wang and Vermeulen use elastic net regression to empirically test the relationship between the built environment and the survival rate of neighbourhood-based social organisations in the Netherlands. 


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Will urban giants – with high levels of education, income, and real property prices – dominate the future of cities? Blog post by Daniel Broxterman and Anthony Yezer

New blog post by Broxterman and Yezer shows relative inequality in distribution of skilled workers across cities not increasing, nor are skilled cities becoming still more skilled. 

Read the accompanying article here.


Latest urban news

USF Seminar Series Awards 2020 funding scheme now open

The USF Seminar Series Awards aim to support the generation of internationally excellent research in all areas of urban studies. In the 2020 round of this funding scheme, the USF seeks to support up to eleven seminar series awards, in each case up to a maximum of £20,000 per award (or £24,000 for proposals containing eligible training elements, see terms below). Applications must be received by 22nd December 2020. 

Any questions or clarifications regarding this award should be addressed to USF Director of Operations, Joe Shaw: [email protected]

Further information available here.