Latest Urban Studies news 07/05/24

Latest Urban Studies news 07/05/24


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07 May 2024, 9:01 am

Latest Urban Studies news 07/05/24

Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Does gentrification constrain housing markets for low-income households? Evidence from household residential mobility in the New York and San Francisco metropolitan areas by Taesoo Song and Karen Chapple

New open access study by Taesoo Song and Karen Chapple provides implications for research and policies oriented towards improving housing and neighbourhood access for low-income households in rapidly changing urban areas.


Inhabiting digital spaces: An informational right to the city for mobility justice by Dian Nostikasari, Nicole Foster, and Lauren Krake

New study by Dian Nostikasari et al asks: what are the mechanisms through which space is conceived, perceived, and lived through the lens of mobility justice? 


Walls and openings: The politics of containment of informal communities in Islamabad by Faiza Moatasim

What is the interface between spaces inside and outside the walls built around low-income communities in elite neighbourhoods? How do people living inside the walls built to contain their communities engage with this infrastructure of control? Faiza Moatasim investigates in this new article.


Smart cities, virtual futures? – Interests of urban actors in mediating digital technology and urban space in Tallinn, Estonia by Olli Ilmari Jakonen


New research by Olli Jakonen explores the converging interests of urban actors in mediating digital technology adoption in urban space.


Megaprojects in austerity times: Populism, politicisation, and the breaking of the neoliberal consensus by Amparo Tarazona Vento

Through the case study of Valencia, this paper looks at how different populist discourses have been deployed to create either consent or dissent around entrepreneurial policies based on the use of megaprojects and events.


Discontent in the world city of Singapore by Gordon Kuo Siong Tan, Jessie PH Poon and Orlando Woods

This paper by Tan et al contributes to thematic diversity by integrating the ‘left behind’ and world cities literatures through the lens of discontent.


New book reviews on Urban Blog

Book review: The Sanctuary City: Immigrant, Refugee, and Receiving Communities in Postindustrial Philadelphia

reviewed by Arthur Acolin

“Vitiello mobilises materials from in-depth interviews and archives to allow readers to better understand the experience of individuals arriving from countries including Vietnam, Guatemala, Iraq, Liberia and Mexico, and the sanctuary they seek and find to varying degrees in Philadelphia.”

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