Latest Urban Studies news 08/12/20

Latest Urban Studies news 08/12/20


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08 Dec 2020, 5:50 am

Latest Urban Studies news 08/12/20

New issue out now

The December (Volume 57, Issue 16) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. Read the full issue here.

Articles include:

Contractual arrangements and entrepreneurial governance: Flexibility and leeway in urban regeneration projects by Martijn van den Hurk, Tuna Tasan-Kok

van den Hurk and Tasan-Kok present questions for future research on contracts in the urban built environment.


What’s so special about character? by Mario A. Fernandez, Shane L. Martin

Results from a new study by Fernandez and Martin reveal a demand shift from the protections of special character areas toward flexibility on the development options of land in Auckland, New Zealand.


Read the full December issue here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Old, small and unwanted: Post-war housing and neighbourhood socioeconomic status by Lyndsey Rolheiser

Does the presence of greater shares of postwar housing in a neighbourhood correspond to lower levels of socioeconomic status? If so, is it because of the structure’s advancing age or arguably undesirable characteristics? 


A simple measure of beta-convergence revisited by David Gray

Gray explores the contested terrain of slow regional house prices. 


Single mothers coping with food insecurity in a Nairobi slum by Sangeetha Madhavan, Shelley Clark, Sara Schmidt

Madhaven et al interrogate the role of kin in comprising safety nets for the urban poor in their latest article.


Light at the end of the tunnel: The impacts of expected major transport improvements on residential property prices by Helen XH Bao, Johan P Larsson, Vivien Wong

Bao et al investigate the economic impacts of a major transportation development project underway in Hong Kong: the Tuen Mun and Chek Lap Kok tunnel.


The politics of recognition and planning practices in diverse neighbourhoods: Korean Chinese in Garibong-dong, Seoul by Hyunji Cho

Cho concentrates on the concept of recognition when investigating the marginalisation of immigrant groups in local policymaking.


How do low-income commuters get to work in US and Mexican cities? A comparative empirical assessment by Erick Guerra, Shengxiao Li, Ariadna Reyes

Guerra et al apply multinomial logit models to examine how metropolitan urban form, housing type, and socoioeconomic factors covary with individual low-income commuter mode choice in the US and Mexican cities.


Everyday urbanisms and the importance of place: Exploring the elements of the emancipatory smart city by Nancy Odendaal

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Worlding smart cities: Towards global comparative research

Odendaal consciously decentres dominant smart city discourse by arguing for the foregrounding of local dynamics everyday urbanism.



New reviews on Urban Blog

Sur le front de la métropole book cover

Book review: Sur le front de la métropole: Une géographie suburbaine de Los Angeles

by Renaud Le Goix and reviewed by William Kutz

“A reader would be right to ask what another study of Los Angeles could offer the well-trodden field. Le Goix does not disappoint. His vantage from within the French academy offers remarkably novel insight into the region and wider urban studies, especially for those less familiar with francophone geography.” 

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