Latest Urban Studies news 09/08/21

Latest Urban Studies news 09/08/21


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09 Aug 2021, 12:12 pm

Latest Urban Studies news 09/08/21

Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Quality of local government and social trust in European cities by Conrad Ziller and Hans-Jürgen Andreß

Ziller and Andreß examines how quality, efficiency, and fairness of local public service provision relates to social trust.


‘Timepass’ and ‘setting’: The meanings, relationships and politics of urban informal work in Delhi by Sanjeev Routray

Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in Delhi, Routray’s latest paper examines how work regimes are marked by a commission economy.


The politics of hyperregulation in La Paz, Bolivia: Speculative peri-urban development in a context of unresolved municipal boundary conflicts by Philipp Horn

Horn contributes to and further nuances conceptual debates on calculated informality, drawing on case study material from peri-urban La Paz, Bolivia.


Extreme weather and urban rivers blog post by V. Chitra

Using Mumbai’s river Mithu as a case study, Chitra shows how articulations of nature and urban development are emerging from the anxieties of climate change.

Read the full article: Remembering the river: Flood, memory and infrastructural ecologies of stormwater drainage in Mumbai by V. Chitra


New reviews on Urban Blog

Urban Displacement book cover

Book review: Urban Displacements: Governing Surplus and Survival in Global Capitalism

by Susanne Soederberg and reviewed by Leon Rosa Reichle

“…The book is a timely contribution not just to housing scholarship, but also to contemporary analyses of global capitalism, which much too often centre solely on labour-, credit- or housing relations. Thanks to its clarity, the book can be helpful for practitioners as well as academics.”

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