Latest Urban Studies news 09/11/20

Latest Urban Studies news 09/11/20


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09 Nov 2020, 4:45 am

Latest Urban Studies news 09/11/20

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Queer urban activism under state impunity: Encountering an LGBTTTI Pride archive in Chilpancingo, Mexico by William J Payne

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Placing LGBTQ+urban activisms

A study of queer urban activism under state impunity from Payne using the LGBTTTI Pride archive in Chilpancingo, Mexico.


Regulatory gentrification: Documents, displacement and the loss of low-income housing by Amelia Thorpe

Thorpe asks whether law itself might also be a site of gentrification in her latest study.


The effects of land price in the peri-urban fringe of Mexico City: Environmental amenities for informal land parcel purchasers Estebania Teyeliz Martínez-Jiménez, Julie Le Gallo, Enrique Pérez-Campuzano, Alonso Aguilar Ibarra

Martínez-Jiménez et al ask which characteristics determine the land value under a land market in informal parcels in a restricted environmental area in the peri-urban area of Mexico City? 


Latest urban news

Urban ARC 2021 and Seventh Annual PhD Workshop at IIHS

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements has launched its annual PhD Workshop to be held from 11 to 13 January 2021, and seventh annual research conference, Urban ARC to be held from 14 to 16 January 2021.

For more information related to the conference or PhD workshop, please write to [email protected].