Latest Urban Studies news 10/05/21

Latest Urban Studies news 10/05/21


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10 May 2021, 10:17 am

Latest Urban Studies news 10/05/21

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Seoul’s nocturnal urbanism: An emergent night-time economy of substitute driving and fast deliveries by Jieheerah Yun

Yun contributes to the recent scholarly attention given to night-time economies and related new spatial practices.


Can subsidies paid directly to employers reduce residential discrimination in employment? An assessment based on serial field experiments by Sylvain Chareyron, Laetitia Challe, Yannick L’Horty and Pascale Petit.

Latest study by Chareyron et al evaluates the effect of the ‘Emplois Francs’ policy in France using serial field experimentation. 

Read the accompanying blog post here.


The Janus-faced genius of cities by Christof Parnreiter

Christof Parnreiter’s latest Debates Paper critically expands Storper’s 2013 notion of a ‘genius of cities’ uneven development


Moving down the urban hierarchy: Turning point of China’s internal migration caused by age structure and hukou system by Xiaoyan Mu, Anthony Gar-On Yeh and Xiaohu Zhang.

Latest study from Anthony Gar On Yeh et al explores the migration patterns in the population movement in China from 2010-2015


The crowd and citylife: Materiality, negotiation and inclusivity at Tokyo’s train stations by Romit Chowdhury and Colin McFarlane

The latest article from McFarlane and Chowdhury offers an ethnographic perspective on the relationship between urban crowds and life in the city.


Legacy participation and the buried history of racialised spaces: Hypermodern revitalisation in Rio de Janeiro’s port area by Abigail Friendly and Ana Paula Pimentel Walker

The latest article from Friendly and Pimentel Walker highlights how hypermodern public-private partnerships often re-write history, creating a futuristic global city image.

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