Latest Urban Studies news 14/08/23

Latest Urban Studies news 14/08/23


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14 Aug 2023, 12:22 pm

Latest Urban Studies news 14/08/23

New issue out now

The August 2023 special issue Municipalist Strategy in Crisis? (Volume 60 Issue 11) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online here

Read the Open Access introduction by the special issue Guest Editors:

Politicising proximity: Radical municipalism as a strategy in crisis by Laura Roth Bertie Russell Matthew Thompson

Laura Roth, Bertie Russell and Matthew Thompson argue that new municipalism is a speculative hypothesis about how systemic transformation might be wrought through coordinated action at the urban or municipal scale.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

‘Beyond GDP’ in cities: Assessing alternative approaches to urban economic development debates paper by Richard Crisp, David Waite, Anne Green, Ceri Hughes, Ruth Lupton, Danny MacKinnon and Andy Pike

In their Open Access debates paper, Richard Crisp et al address a substantive gap in contemporary debates on the burgeoning and diverse field of urban economic development. 

Read the accompanying blog post here.


What might working from home mean for the geography of work and commuting in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Canada? by Matthias Sweet and Darren M Scott

Matthias Sweet and Darren M Scott’s open access study uses survey data gathered in 2021 to explore the geography of current and prospective telework in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Canada.


New book reviews on Urban Blog

IoT and Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities book cover

Book review: IoT and Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities: A Global Perspective

reviewed by Toddy Aditya and Rahmayati Rahmayanti

“This book is a valuable reference for academics and researchers in the field of computer science and information technology, for policy makers in government and for IT professionals.”

Predatory Urbanism book cover

Book review: Predatory Urbanism: The Metabolism of Megaprojects in Asia

reviewed by Ayyoob Sharifi

“Overall, this book raises thought-provoking issues and provides a solid foundation for further discussions and analysis regarding the future of cities in the Anthropocene. It is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in cities and their future.”

University City book cover

Book review: University City: History, Race, and Community in the Era of the Innovation District

reviewed by Ellen Munley Mulcahy

“The book’s appeal and approach are interdisciplinary: it speaks to urban planning, uses historical and ethnographic research and engages with topics like power, stigma and local political processes that are relevant to political science, sociology and geography.”

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