Latest Urban Studies news 14/10/19

Latest Urban Studies news 14/10/19


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14 Oct 2019, 9:24 am

Latest Urban Studies news 14/10/19

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Analysing urban policy discourses using textometry: An application to French urban transport plans (2000–2015) Methodological paper by Thomas Buhler and Virginie Lethier

Combining textometry with classical methods to identify new ways of understanding urban policy discourses in French transport planning.


Impacts of a multi-scale built environment and its corresponding moderating effects on commute duration in China by Bindong Sun and Chun Yin

Results of new study shows that built environment on neighbourhood and city levels both affect commute time.


The shapes of US cites: Revisiting the classic population density functions using crowdsourced geospatial data by Yi Qiang, Jinwen Xu and Guohui Zhang

New article leverages crowdsourced data in Google Maps to depict the ‘shapes’ of 382 U.S. cities. The results suggest the best functions to model urban population density and reveal the decentralisation trend in US cities.


From smart to rebel city? Worlding, provincialising and the Barcelona Model by Greig Charnock, Hug March and Ramon Ribera-Fumaz

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Worlding smart cities: Towards global comparative research

New Special Issue aritcle examines the challenges of going beyond the repurposing of smart technologies to engender new and radical forms of subjectivity among citizens.


Politics of neutrality: Urban knowledge practices and everyday formalisation in Karachi’s waterscape by Usmaan Farooqui

Read the accompanying blog here.

New paper explores processes of everyday formalisation by considering how locally-grounded understandings of formality and informality are reproduced.