Latest Urban Studies news 15/03/21

Latest Urban Studies news 15/03/21


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15 Mar 2021, 5:03 am

Latest Urban Studies news 15/03/21

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‘We need to put what we do in my dad’s language, in pounds, shillings and pence’: Commercialisation and the reshaping of public-sector planning in England by Jason Slade, Malcolm Tait, Andy Inch

Latest study from Slade, Tait and Inch furthers understanding of how commercial imperatives are reshaping dominant conceptions of planning practice in England.


Becoming ‘pet slaves’ in urban China: Transspecies urban theory, single professional women and their companion animals by Chris KK Tan, Tingting Liu, Xiaojun Gao

Using transspecies urban theory, Tan, Liu and Gao investigate the roles that companion animals now play in the lives of unmarried women in urban China.


‘Where the state freaks out’: Gentrification, Queerspaces and activism in postwar Beirut by John Nagle

Nagle illuminates the production and erasure of queerspaces in Beirut as part of postwar gentrification.


Do local start-ups and knowledge spillovers matter for firm-level R&D investment? by Frank Crowley, Declan Jordan

What happens to firm-level R&D when urban locations have more knowledge spillovers and are more entrepreneurial?


Ethics at work: Diverse economies and place-making in the historical centre of Taranto, Italy by Marianna d’Ovidio

New special issue paper from d’Ovidio examines five economic activities in the historical centre of Taranto, Italy, and discusses how they impact upon the urban pattern.


What do residential lotteries show us about transportation choices? Adam Millard-Ball, Jeremy West, Nazanin Rezaei, Garima Desai

Millard-Ball et al demonstrate that neighbourhood attributes and a building’s parking attributes are effectively assigned at random in their latest article.

Read the accompanying blog here.


How do tax-based revitalisation policies affect urban property development? Evidence from Bronzeville, Chicago by Minjee Kim

Latest article from Kim utilises a theory of real estate markets developed by Theurillat, Rerat and Crevoisier (2015) to explain how fiscal incentives affect urban property development.


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