Latest Urban Studies news 15/08/22

Latest Urban Studies news 15/08/22


First Published:

15 Aug 2022, 10:22 am

Latest Urban Studies news 15/08/22

Urban Studies Annual Lecture 2022

Urban Studies Journal is excited to announce that this year’s annual lecture will be given by Professor Karen Seto (Yale University, USA) at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference. The topic is: ‘21st Urbanization and Grand Challenges for Global Sustainability‘. More details here.

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Latest articles on OnlineFirst

The changing ethno-racial profile of ‘very walkable’ urban neighbourhoods in the US (2010–2020): Are minorities under-represented? by Bradley Bereitschaft

Bradley Bereitschaft’s new article discusses the implications for social justice from the changing ethno-racial profile of ‘very walkable’ urban neighbourhoods in the US (2010-2020).


‘Fall girl’: Vertical evacuation and the aesthetics of emergency by Peter Adey

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Radical Verticality: Critical Explorations of High-Rise Urbanism.

Peter Adey explores the history of tall building evacuations, focusing particularly on the solidaristic movements and expressions of the workers.


New reviews on Urban Blog

The Green City and Social Injustice book cover

Book review: The Green City and Social Injustice: 21 Tales from North America and Europe

reviewed by Estelle Broyer

“The book will appeal to a wide audience of students, planners and policymakers looking for a general sense of what green gentrification looks like or short stories to illustrate the point.”

Demanding Development book cover

Book review: Demanding Development: The Politics of Public Goods Provision in India’s Urban Slums

reviewed by Elizabeth Chatterjee

“This immensely thought-provoking and methodologically sophisticated book restores the political agency of slumdwellers by taking them seriously as active citizens, even as it opens a host of new questions on the precise characteristics, role and strategies of political middlemen in intermediating urban informality.”

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.


Books available for review

If you are interested in reviewing a book for Urban Studies, please check the list of books currently available for review here before getting in touch with our Reviews Editor, Prof Michele Acuto. We are happy to receive requests for other titles but please note that some publishers now only offer e-copies for review although we always request a hard copy where possible. 


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