Latest Urban Studies news 20/02/23

Latest Urban Studies news 20/02/23


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21 Feb 2023, 7:34 am

Latest Urban Studies news 20/02/23

Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Spatialising degrowth in Southern cities: Everyday park-making for (un)communing by Manisha Anantharaman, Marlyne Sahakian and Czarina Saloma

This article is for the forthcoming Special Issue: Urbanizing degrowth: towards a radical spatial degrowth agenda for future cities

This latest Special Issue article from Anantharaman, Sahakian and Saloma examines practices of ‘park-making’ in Chennai and MetrManila as a potential degrowth pathway.

Read the accompanying blog here.


Degrowth is coming to town: What can it learn from critical perspectives on urban transport? by Wojciech Kębłowski

This article is for the forthcoming Special Issue: Urbanizing degrowth: towards a radical spatial degrowth agenda for future cities

This new special issue study from Wojciech Kębłowski shows that fare abolition or FFPT can advance an agenda of inter- and intra-municipal solidarity, working towards socio-spatial justice.


‘London is avocado on toast’: The urban imaginaries of the #LondonIsOpen campaign by Edanur Yazici, Karim Murji, Michael Keith, Steve Pile, John Solomos and Ying Wang

Yazici et al’s latest article examines the production, representations, and reactions to the #LondonIsOpen campaign.


New Reviews on Urban Blog

Book review: Neighborhood Defenders: Participatory Politics and America’s Housing Crisis

By Katherine Levine Einstein, David M Clark and Mazwell Palmer and reviewed by W Dennis Keating

“This book is a useful companion to the existing literature on the need for reform of restrictive local obstacles to the building of new housing in the United States, particularly in high cost cities and in low-rise, owner-occupied suburbs with entrenched NIMBY opposition.”

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