Latest Urban Studies news 20/04/20

Latest Urban Studies news 20/04/20


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20 Apr 2020, 4:47 am

Latest Urban Studies news 20/04/20

Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Effects of the state’s informal practices on organisational capability and social inclusion: Three cases of city governance in Johannesburg

by Li Pernegger 

Pernegger presents three cases of contested urban governance from Johannesburg’s post-apartheid city administration.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Critical Commentary: Reflections on five years of the Summer Institute in Urban Studies

by Kevin Ward, Timothy Bunnell

In the planning for SIUS2020, Ward and Bunnell reflect on what they’ve learnt from the previous four Summer Institutes in Urban Studies. 


Extended urbanisation and the spatialities of infectious disease: Demographic change, infrastructure and governance

Debates Paper by Creighton Connolly, Roger Keil, S. Harris Ali

This paper is currently available free access for a limited period.

Connolly et al call for future research on the spatialities of health and disease to examine how extended urbanisation may influence possible outbreaks of infectious disease.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


The making and unmaking of an urban diaspora: The role of the physical environment and materialities in belongingness, displacement and mobilisation in Toxteth, Liverpool

by Zana Vathi, Kathy Burrell

Burrell and Vathi argue that a focus on material infrastructures is especially important in understanding how marginalised urban communities are affected by, and galvanised in response to change.


Unpacking the advanced producer services complex in world cities: Charting professional networks, localisation economies and markets

by David Bassens, Laura Gutierrez, Reijer Hendrikse, Deborah Lambert, Maëlys Waiengnier

Bassens et al argue that research on advanced producer services (APS) has so far been too single-mindedly focused on the networked dimensions of APS geographies. 


New posts on Urban Blog

Do COVID-19 Restrictions on Activities Reduce Crime?

by John F. McDonald and Steven Balkin

Following on from their 1983 Urban Studies article, Citizen Demand for Exposure to Street Crime, McDonald and Balkin consider the impact of reduced exposure on measured crime rate in this new blog based on their new article, The COVID-19 and the Decline in Crime.


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