Latest Urban Studies news 20/07/20

Latest Urban Studies news 20/07/20


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20 Jul 2020, 12:31 pm

Latest Urban Studies news 20/07/20

New issue out now

The August issue (Volume 57, Issue 10) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. Read the full issue here.

Articles include:

The dynamics of poverty, employment and access to amenities in polycentric cities: Measuring the decentralisation of poverty and its impacts in England and Wales by Meng Le Zhang, Gwilym Pryce

What are the implications of decentralisation on access to employment opportunities and proximity to amenities?


Transformative city branding and the evolution of the entrepreneurial city: The case of ‘Brand New Helsinki’ by Salla Jokela

Analysing Helsinki’s recent city branding endeavour in the context of the qualitative urban transformation of the entrepreneurial city.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

The financialisation of housing and the rise of the investor-activist by Nicole Cook, Kristian Ruming

Cook and Ruming chart the urban implications of financialised home ownership and investor subjectivities.


New reviews on Urban Blog

Urban Energy Landscapes


Book review: Urban Energy Landscapes

by Vanesa Castán Broto and reviewed by Madlen Kobi

How can we conceptualise the street vendor’s cookstove within the energy infrastructure of a city? And in what ways does an understanding of locally lived energy landscapes enhance our tools for energy transition? 

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