Latest Urban Studies news 20/11/23

Latest Urban Studies news 20/11/23


First Published:

20 Nov 2023, 8:41 am

Latest Urban Studies news 20/11/23

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The rise of AI urbanism in post-smart cities: A critical commentary on urban artificial intelligence Critical Commentary by Federico Cugurullo, Federico Caprotti, Matthew Cook, Andrew Karvonen, Pauline MᶜGuirk and Simon Marvin

In this new Critical Commentary, Federico Cugurullo et al argue that urbanism influenced by AI, which they term ‘AI urbanism’, differs in theory and practice from smart urbanism.


New book review on Urban Studies Blog

Drawing and Experiencing Architecture book cover

Book review: Drawing and Experiencing Architecture: The Evolving Significance of City’s Inhabitants in the 20th Century

reviewed by Alexandros Daniilidis

“Charitonidou’s Drawing and Experiencing Architecture discusses the evolution of architectural representation and how it has influenced contemporary architects.”

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