Latest Urban Studies news 21/11/22

Latest Urban Studies news 21/11/22


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21 Nov 2022, 10:35 am

Latest Urban Studies news 21/11/22

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Re-contextualising purpose-built student accommodation in secondary cities: The role of planning policy, consultation and economic need during austerity by Julia Heslop, Josh Chambers, James Maloney, George Spurgeon, Hannah Swainston and Hannah Woodall

New open access paper from Julia Heslop et al highlights that student housing is not merely shaped by issues of supply and demand but often by planning practice and local economic demands.


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Home-made blues: Residential crowding and mental health in Beijing, China by Xize Wang and Tao Liu

New analysis by Xize Wang and Tao Liu shows that residential crowding in Beijing is associated with higher depression risks. Inequality in living space among urban residents is not only a social justice issue but also has health implications.

Read the accompanying open access article here.


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