Latest Urban Studies news 22/06/21

Latest Urban Studies news 22/06/21


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22 Jun 2021, 1:37 am

Latest Urban Studies news 22/06/21

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Inter-city transport infrastructure and intra-city housing markets: Estimating the redistribution effect of high-speed rail in Shenzhen, China by Zheng Chang and Mi Diao

Chang and Diao estimate the redistribution effect of high-speed rail using the Hangzhou-Fuzhou-Shenzhen Passenger Dediated Line (HFSL) as an example.


Urban paradox and the rise of the neoliberal city: Case study of Lagos, Nigeria by Oluwafemi Olajide and Taibat Lawanson

Arguing that governance practices in Lagos are transforming the city in a manner paradoxical to the intents of the city’s development plan.


Governing investors and developers: Analysing the role of risk allocation in urban development by Frances Brill

Brill demonstrates the potential for risk-based urban governance analysis in the future


Urban scaling in rapidly urbanising China by Weiqian Lei, Limin Jiao, Gang Xu, and Zhengzi Zhou

Latest article from Lei et al conducts a comprehensive scaling analysis with quantitative assessment of a number of diverse urban indicators in 275 Chinese cities.


Neoliberalism and neo-dirigisme in action: The state–corporate alliance and the great housing rush of the 2000s in Istanbul, Turkey by Sinan Tankut Gülhan

New study focuses on how the construction industry and the massive commodification of urban land produced a new state-space nexus.


Outer-suburban politics and the financialisation of the logistics real estate industry: The emergence of financialised coalitions in the Paris region by Nicolas Raimbault

Adding logistics spaces to the conversation on the financialisation of urban production, Raimbault shows the emergence of financialised growth coalitions multiplying private logistics parks in the outer-suburbia of big cities worldwide.


Out of the loop? On the radical and the routine in urban big data by Sarah Barns

This article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Big data in the city

Barns calls for a closer interrogation of the conditions that allow autonomous urban intelligence to be created.


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