Latest Urban Studies news 23/08/21

Latest Urban Studies news 23/08/21


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23 Aug 2021, 12:57 pm

Latest Urban Studies news 23/08/21

Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Urban statecraft: The governance of transport infrastructures in African cities by Liza Rose Cirolia, Jesse Harber

Latest study from Cirolia and Harber explores the configurations and operations of the urban state in Sub-Saharan Africa.


On the recursive relationship between gentrification and labour market precarisation: Evidence from two neighbourhoods in Athens, Greece by Konstantinos Gourzis, Andrew Herod, Ioannis Chorianopoulos, Stelios Gialis

Gourzis et al’s latest paper studies the relationship between gentrification and labour market precarisation in Koukaki and Kerameikos, Athens.


On the conditions of ‘late urbanisation’ Debates Paper by Sean Fox, Tom Goodfellow

New Debates Paper by Fox and Goodfellow reasserts the importance of the urban transition – not to perpetuate the ‘urban age’ discourse but to foreground the varied timing of urbanisation in different parts of the world.


Social capital and perceived tenure security of informal housing: Evidence from Beijing, China by Mengzhu Zhang

Zhang contributes to a new sociological explanation for the disparity in perceived tenure security other than the established psychological explanation. 


Natural population growth and urban management in metropolitan regions: Insights from pre-crisis and post-crisis Athens, Greece by Sabato Vinci, Gianluca Egidi, Rosanna Salvia, Antonio Gimenez Morera, Luca Salvati

Vinci et al use Athens, Greece, as a case study to examine national population dynamics and urban management between 1999 and 2019.


New reviews on Urban Blog

Nuclear Suburbs book cover

Book review: Nuclear Suburbs: Cold War Technoscience and the Pittsburgh Renaissance reviewed by Don Mitchell

“Patrick Vitale grew up in these suburbs, he tells us, and Nuclear Suburbs is his attempt to understand where they came from and why they were as they were.”

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