Latest Urban Studies news 25/03/24

Latest Urban Studies news 25/03/24


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25 Mar 2024, 10:26 am

Latest Urban Studies news 25/03/24

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Legitimising displacement: Academic discourse, territorial stigmatisation and gentrification Debates paper by Richard Kirk

New open access debates paper explores the territorial stigmatisation-gentrification nexus and how it is advanced by an intellectual pipeline between academics and policymakers in the US.


The limits to the urban within multi-scalar energy transitions: Agency, infrastructure and ownership in the UK and Germany by Helen Traill and Andrew Cumbers

This article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Infrastructures as urban solutions? Critical perspectives on transformative socio-technical change.

New research by Helen Traill and Andrew Cumbers on how political economic trajectories within a wider terrain of neoliberalisation interact with variegated forms of multi-scalar governance processes to shape local and urban agency in energy transitions.


Urban poverty and the role of UK food aid organisations in enabling segregating and transitioning spaces of food access by Morven G. McEachern, Caroline Moraes, Lisa Scullion and Andrea Gibbons

New open access article by Morven G. McEachern et al argues that an additional type of space is needed to facilitate movement between types of spaces, particularly transitions from the segregating spaces of emergency food aid to more secure spaces of food access.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Reimagining the municipal economy: The emancipatory politics of the people’s budget movement by Emily Barrett and Sara Safransky

Barrett and Safransky use a case study of the Nashville People’s Budget Coalition (NPBC) to examine how municipal budgeting processes and public financing have become new sites of theorisation, debate, and political intervention in this open access paper.


Conceptualising aesthetic power in the digitally-mediated city by Monica Degen and Gillian Rose

New open access article by Monica Degen and Gillian Rose argues that analysing embodied sensory politics is key to understanding cities as bodily sensoria central to human experiences of self and relations between self and other.


Negotiating the night: How nightclub promoters attune their curatorial practices to the intra-urban dispersal of nightlife in Amsterdam by Timo Koren and Brian J Hracs

Timo Koren and Brian J Hracs examine the intra-urban dispersal of nightclubs in Amsterdam and the ways in which nightclub promoters attune their curatorial practices to urban processes through genre-based commercial and cultural imperatives in the open access paper.


Community weaving across Latin American peripheries: A listening infrastructure in Oaxaca by Antonio Moya-Latorre

Study by Antonio Moya-Latorre argues that the combined effect of listening infrastructures —what Vicente Guerrero residents call community weaving—helps overcome material and social stigma conditioning life on the periphery.