Latest Urban Studies news 25/11/19

Latest Urban Studies news 25/11/19


First Published:

25 Nov 2019, 3:55 am

Latest Urban Studies news 25/11/19

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Vehicle quota control, transport infrastructure investment and vehicle travel: A pseudo panel analysis by Siqi Song, Chen-Chieh Feng, Mi Diao

New article investigates effects of vehicle quota control and transport infrastructure investment on vehicle travel in Singapore, with a pseudo panel created from three repeated cross-sectional household surveys.


The middle classes and the subjective representation of urban space in Santiago de Chile by Luis Fuentes and Oscar Mac-Clure

New analysis shows that symbolic elements associated with occupied spaces within the city confer a particular identity upon a given territory and delimit spatial frontiers between territories.


A novel hedonic price modelling approach for estimating the impact of transportation infrastructure on property prices by Scott N Lieske, Ryan van den Nouwelant, Jung Hoon Han, Christopher Pettit

New research suggests conceptual and empirical improvements to further develop our understanding of the effect of transport infrastructure on property values.


Socioeconomic status and long-term exposure to disadvantaged neighbourhoods in France by Haley McAvay

New article investigates the links between socioeconomic status and long-term exposure to disadvantaged neighbourhoods in France over 23-year period.


Rent-seeking middle classes and the short-term rental business in inner-city Lima by Mirtha Lorena del Castillo, Christien Klaufus

Redefining the limits of gentrification in Latin America: The role of the middle classes and temporary rental platforms in Lima’s socio-spatial transformations.