Latest Urban Studies news 27/07/20

Latest Urban Studies news 27/07/20


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27 Jul 2020, 1:49 am

Latest Urban Studies news 27/07/20

Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Immigrants’ spatial integration dynamics in Tel-Aviv: An analysis of residential mobility and sorting by Tal Modai-Snir, Pnina O. Plaut

Modai-Snir and Plaut explore spatial integration dynamics of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Tel-Aviv, Israel, as reflected in changing residential mobility behaviour.


Welfare migration or migrant selection? Social insurance participation and rural migrants’ intentions to seek permanent urban settlement in China by Shenghua Xie, Juan Chen, Veli-Matti Ritakallio, Xiangming Leng

Xie et al examine the ways in which social insurance affects the urban-settlement intentions of rural migrants in China.


Emerging problematics of deregulating the urban: The case of permitted development in England by Jessica Ferm, Ben Clifford, Patricia Canelas, Nicola Livingstone

New article by Ferm et al examines the impact of the government’s deregulatory planning reforms in England since 2013.


Real estate politicians in India by Sai Balakrishnan, Narendar Pani 

Balakrishnan and Pani situate the rise of real estate politicians in India within deeper processes of ‘labour-voter contradictions’ in the Global South.

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Urban volumetrics: From vertical to volumetric urbanisation and its extensions to empirical morphological analysis by Gerhard JB Bruyns, Christopher D Higgins, Darren H Nel

Bruyns, Higgins and Nel argue that a volumetric approach is needed to capture the complex form of compressed, multi-layered, and highly connected cities.


Detroit five years after bankruptcy: From coercion to consent by Tom Barnes, Joshua M. Roose, Bryan S. Turner

New study presents evidence of a popular narrative among Detroiters which depicts the 2013-14 bankruptcy as a necessary evil.

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Locating the interstitial island: Integration of Zhoushan Archipelago into the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration by Huan Zhang, Adam Grydehøj

Zhang and Grydehøj use the case study of Zhoushan Archipelago to consider how place is made and developed at the urban interstices.


Bridging city environments: A contextual approach to the mobilisation of immigrant groups by Cristina Lacomba

Lacomba introduces the concept of bridging environments to show how city context shapes the collective mobilisation of immigrants. 


New reviews on Urban Blog

About Star Architecture

Book review: About Star Architecture. Reflecting on Cities in Europe

Edited by Nadia Alaily-Mattar, Davide Ponzini & Alain Thierstein and reviewed by Alberto Vanolo

“As anticipated, one of the most crucial contributions of this book is offering a comprehensive systematisation of different debates in urban studies.” 

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