Latest Urban Studies news 28/11/22

Latest Urban Studies news 28/11/22


First Published:

28 Nov 2022, 9:10 am

Latest Urban Studies news 28/11/22

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Re-contextualising purpose-built student accommodation in secondary cities: The role of planning policy, consultation and economic need during austerity by Julia Heslop, Josh Chambers, James Maloney, George Spurgeon, Hannah Swainston and Hannah Woodall

New open access paper from Julia Heslop et al highlights that student housing is not merely shaped by issues of supply and demand but often by planning practice and local economic demands.


Community-led housing: Between ‘right to the city’, ‘actually existing neoliberalism’ and post-pandemic cities by María Carla Rodríguez and María Cecilia Zapata

María Carla Rodríguez and María Cecilia Zapata analyse the origins of the process and mode of cooperative housing production, including tangible and intangible aspects and capacities acquired by the inhabitants.


New municipalism in South America? Developing theory from experiences in Argentina and Chile by Emilia Arpini, Alexander Panez, Andrew Cumbers and Bethia Pearson

This paper is part of the forthcoming special issue: Municipalist strategy in crisis?

New special issue article from Emilia Arpini et al argues that municipalism can be more extensively theorised by incorporating the concept of territory.