Latest News (December 2017)

The Gambler’s Ruin of Small Cities

30th Dec 2017

Paul Krugman on the Gambler’s Ruin of small cities read more..

Eurofound Report on Social Mobility

20th Dec 2017

Eurofound Report: Social mobility in the EU read more..

The World Inequality Lab releases the World Inequality Report 2018

18th Dec 2017

The World Inequality Lab based at the Paris School of Economics has released the World Inequality Report 2018 read more..

IRIN: African cities

14th Dec 2017

– time for urgent reform read more..

RICS World Built Environment Forum

14th Dec 2017

Exploring tech and future cities read more..

Branko Milanovic at Social Europe

13th Dec 2017

Globalisation, Migration, Rising Inequality, Populism… read more..

International Labour Organisation (ILO) - World Social Protection Report 2017-19

13th Dec 2017

Universal social protection to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals read more..

City Street3 Conference October/November 2018

13th Dec 2017

only seven days left until the end of the call for abstracts! read more..

Town Planning Review

13th Dec 2017

call for papers read more..

The latest issue of Regional Studies is now available online

7th Dec 2017

Regional Studies, Volume 52, Issue 1, January 2018 is now available online. read more..

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