Call for papers - ICCG Athens 2019

15th Aug 2018

8th ICCG 2019: In Permanent Crisis? Uneven Development, Everywhere War and Radical Praxis


The 8th International Conference of Critical Geography will be hosted from the 19th to the 23rd of April 2019, in Athens, Greece. 

One of many loci of the ongoing and multiplying crises of the neoliberal 21st century, including the “debt crisis,” the “neo-fascist crisis”, the “refugee crisis,” and a place that could be regarded as a kind of “laboratory” for observing how uneven development and everywhere war articulate different actors, scales and operations.

The 8th ICCG in Athens seeks to elaborate on the structural relations, materialities and cultures of uneven development and everywhere war, which bring about the condition of permanent crisis we find ourselves in the world over. Building on the previous ICCG 2015 conference, we regard “permanent crisis” as a regime that needs to be radically challenged in both political and theoretical terms, in our everyday lives as well as in the host of global, national and local institutions that reproduce it. The ICCG, therefore, want to invoke again the notion of praxis as the realisation of collective thinking and acting that is required in order to remake, to change the world.


Deadline for abstract/panel submission: 30 September 2018
Registration opens: 1st December 2018

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