Call for papers - Lund Urban Creativity Conference 2019

4th Jan 2019

Call for papers - Lund Urban Creativity Conference 2019

15-18 May 2019, Lund University, Sweden


The Lund Urban Creativity Conference 2019 is an opportunity to initiate an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between scholars, artists, activists, planners and others who work within the diverse field of urban creativity. The conference is hosted by the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies in collaboration with the Division of Art History and Visual Studies at Lund University.

In thinking about urban creativity, prospective conference participants are invited to consider a range of issues including, but not limited to:

1.  The publicness of urban public space

2.  The involvement of public entities in urban creativity initiatives

3.   Urban creativity as a vehicle for and reaction against urban regeneration and gentrification

4.  The relationship between urban creativity, technology, and social media 

‚Äč5.  The relationship between urban creativity and crisis


Different submission formats

Guidelines for different submission formats:

1.     Proposals for full panels with 2-3 presentations

A full panel includes two or three 10-minute presentations on a common topic. Each panel will be allotted 1 hour. A full panel proposal entails a convenor submitting a description of the panel (max. 200 words) + 2-3 individual paper abstracts (max. 200 words each). It would be preferable if the proposal also names a panel chair.

2.     Proposals for individual panel presentations

Are you looking for your crowd and are not part of a full panel proposal? Individuals who are not part of a full panel proposal may submit a 200-word abstract for an individual panel presentation. The conference organisers will accommodate these in panels and assign chairs.

3.     Writers’ workshop: a written papers stream

Are you working on a paper, book chapter, essay or funding application and are in need of feedback? Participants are welcome to submit an abstract for a written paper (max. 200 words). Authors of accepted abstracts will later be asked to submit full papers (max. 8000 words) in advance of the conference. The full texts will be available only to other workshop participants and designated senior scholars acting as discussants within this stream. Each paper will have an assigned participant reader, as well as a senior scholar reader, and will be discussed together with other written papers as part of the writers’ workshop. Early-career scholars are encouraged to take the opportunity to have their papers read and discussed. All participants in this stream will be asked to present someone else’s paper: you will thus not present your own paper. As part of the writers’ workshop, participants will be provided with a template to structure and present their reading of, and feedback on, others’ work.

4.     Proposals for performances and other creative interventions

Do you want to show your creative works (e.g. photos, paintings, films), or do another kind of intervention in relation to urban creativity? Venues are available during the conference to accommodate different creative contributions, including indoor gallery spaces and facilities, as well as open graffiti walls, a garden, and skate parks. Please email [email protected] with a description of your idea. The stream for creative interventions will run throughout the conference.


Submit your proposal / abstract by 6 January 2019 via the link for submissions on the Conference website.

If you have comments or questions, please contact [email protected]


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