Call for Presentations/Papers - CAT-ference

28th Mar 2019

Call for Presentations/Papers

8th International Urban Geographies of Post-communist States conference (Belgrade 25-29 April 2019)

The event is commonly known as the “CAT-ference”, where CAT stands for Cities After Transition.
CAT-ference website:

Session(s): Divided/contested cities in Eurasia
Session organiser: Michael Gentile

Session organiser website and e-mail can be found here:


The literature on divided/contested cities has expanded rapidly during the past decade, with a handful of iconic sites presiding over the long list of cities wounded by conflict, violence or general unrest. Some of the well-known cases are located within CAT’s traditional area of purview – for example, the post-Yugoslav cities of Mostar, Sarajevo and Mitrovica, which have come to symbolize urban ethno-national conflict and violence.

This session aims to attract theoretical, conceptual and theoretically informed empirical presentations on pressing issues facing divided/contested cities in the broader Eurasian region. Comparative work, including between “CAT” cities and cities located elsewhere in the world, would be especially welcome, but it is not a requirement for participating in the session(s). Work on, but not limited to, the following topics would seem to be particularly suitable:

- Cities and divisions rooted in different ethno-national identities
- Cities and divisions rooted in different (geo)political identities
- Cities hosting large numbers of IDPs
- Extreme forms of residential segregation
- Ethno-national or religious conflict in cities, including armed/violent conflict
- Urban ethno-politics
- Urban geopolitics of “post-socialism”
- Post-conflict urbanism: pacification, re-integration or dis-integration?
- Border cities, border urban identities, border urban politics
- Urbicide-by-megaevents

If a sufficient number of quality papers are brought together, a journal theme issue would be a possibility for future publication.

Please send titles and abstracts to Michael Gentile no later than 9 April 2019.

Deadline for online registration at the conference is 15 April.

Please contact Michael Gentile if you have any questions.


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