Cities - New articles now available

2nd Nov 2017

The following Cities articles are now available online:

Neighborhood, race and educational inequality    Original Research Article
by Yehua Dennis Wei, Weiye Xiao, Christopher A. Simon, Baodong Liu, Yongmei Ni

Introduction: Shrinking Cities from marginal to mainstream: Views from North America and Europe   
by Ivonne Audirac

  Wellbeing and urban governance: Who fails, survives or thrives in informal settlements in Bangladeshi cities?     Original Research Article
by D.J.H. te Lintelo, J. Gupte, J.A. McGregor, R. Lakshman, F. Jahan

Shantytown redevelopment projects: State-led redevelopment of declining neighbourhoods under market transition in Shenyang, China    Original Research Article
by Xin Li, Reinout Kleinhans, Maarten van Ham

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