Urban Studies News (July 2017)

Urban data and definitions in sub-Saharan Africa

31st Jul 2017

Mismatches between the pace of urbanisation and employment and livelihood change read more..

Understanding the dynamics of Nigeria’s urban transition

31st Jul 2017

A refutation of the ‘stalled urbanisation’ hypothesis read more..

Encounters with difference in the subdivided house

28th Jul 2017

The case of secondary suites in Vancouver read more..

Exclusion as urban policy

28th Jul 2017

The Dutch ‘Act on Extraordinary Measures for Urban Problems’ read more..

Governing the countryside through state-led programmes

27th Jul 2017

A case study of Jiangning District in Nanjing, China read more..

Neighbourhood land use features...

27th Jul 2017

...collective efficacy and local civic actions read more..

Property and carceral spaces in Christiania, Copenhagen

26th Jul 2017

A new paper now available online read more..

Africa’s new cities

26th Jul 2017

The contested future of urbanisation read more..

The urbanisation of rural migrants...

26th Jul 2017

...and the making of urban villages in contemporary China read more..

New Book Review

25th Jul 2017

From World City to the World in One City: Liverpool Through Malay Lives read more..

Emerging selective regimes ..

25th Jul 2017

...in a fragmented authoritarian environment: The ‘three old redevelopment’ policy in Guangzhou, China from 2009 to 2014 read more..

New Book Review

24th Jul 2017

Hydraulic City: Water and the Infrastructures of Citizenship in Mumbai read more..

Knowledge circulation in urban geography/urban studies

24th Jul 2017

Testing the discourse of Anglo-American hegemony through publication and citation patterns read more..

Tenure change in London’s suburbs

21st Jul 2017

Spreading gentrification or suburban upscaling? read more..

A great leap of faith...

20th Jul 2017

Limits to China’s university cities read more..

Distant friends and intimate strangers

20th Jul 2017

On the perils of friendship in a Malaysian apartment building read more..

Rapid transit, transit-oriented development...

19th Jul 2017

and the contextual sensitivity of land value uplift in Toronto read more..

Agglomeration and assemblage

19th Jul 2017

Deterritorialising urban theory read more..

The global urban housing affordability crisis

14th Jul 2017

A new Critical Commentary read more..

Rural migrants in villages-in-the-city in Guangzhou, China

13th Jul 2017

Multi-positionality and negotiated living strategies read more..

Car dependence and housing affordability

13th Jul 2017

An emerging social deprivation issue in London? read more..

A problem with observational equivalence

12th Jul 2017

Disentangling the renter illusion hypothesis read more..

Agency and social construction of space under top-down planning

12th Jul 2017

Resettled rural residents in China read more..

The impact of income inequality on rental affordability

12th Jul 2017

An empirical study in large American metropolitan areas read more..

New vodcast from David Adams

7th Jul 2017

David Adams discusses his article "Walking with the Ghosts of the Past: Unearthing the Value of Residents’ Urban Nostalgias", co-authored with Peter Larkham. read more..

New report from Future Earth

6th Jul 2017

brings together the results of two recent conferences .... read more..

(RSA) publishes invitation to submit proposals for future conferences

5th Jul 2017

Regional Studies Association (RSA) publishes invitation to submit proposals for future conferences read more..

USJ Impact Factor has increased to 2.364 for 2016

5th Jul 2017

The Editors of Urban Studies are delighted that the journal Impact Factor has increased to 2.364 for 2016 read more..

New peer-reviewed report from AHURI

4th Jul 2017

Inquiry into housing policies, labour force participation and economic growth read more..

Changing places, changing childhoods

3rd Jul 2017

Regeneration and children’s use of place in Istanbul read more..

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