Urban Studies News (September 2017)

Transit-oriented economic development ...

28th Sep 2017

The impact of light rail on new business starts in the Phoenix, AZ Region, USA read more..

Unsettling friendship ...

26th Sep 2017

... and using friendship to unsettle read more..

The October 2017 issue of USJ now available

21st Sep 2017

Urban Studies Volume: 54, Number: 13 (October 2017) is now available read more..

If we are flâneurs...

20th Sep 2017

can we be cosmopolitans? read more..

John Logan discusses how urban studies in China has developed over the years

18th Sep 2017

John Logan, of Brown University in the US discusses how the field of urban studies in China has developed over the years read more..

Donggen Wang discusses travel and the built environment

12th Sep 2017

Donggen Wang from Hong Kong Baptist University discusses travel behaviour and the built environment in China read more..

Moving to a shrinking city?

10th Sep 2017

Some suggestive observations on why college-educated professionals came to New Orleans and why they stayed read more..

Beyond unemployment...

9th Sep 2017

Informal employment and heterogeneous motivations for participating in street vending in present-day China read more..

Forced urbanisation...

9th Sep 2017

A cross-national assessment of the effects of intranational political violence on a nation’s largest cities read more..

Urban development controversies ...

8th Sep 2017

Contested framings of urban qualities: Dis/qualifications of value in urban development controversies read more..

Global Cities...

8th Sep 2017

Global cities and the geographical transfer of value read more..

USF is looking to appoint a new Director of Operations

7th Sep 2017

Recruiting: Director of Operations for the Urban Studies Foundation (USF) read more..

Governing Chinese urban transformation...

7th Sep 2017

Planning centrality, market instruments: Governing Chinese urban transformation under state entrepreneurialism. read more..

Gentrification 1.0...

7th Sep 2017

Urban transformations in late-19th-century Berlin read more..

USF are recruiting...

6th Sep 2017

Urban Studies Foundation are recruiting 3 new members on to the USF Board read more..

Technological spillovers...

4th Sep 2017

Technological spillovers in space and firm productivity: Evidence from China’s electric apparatus industry read more..

Canfei He discusses urban studies research in China

1st Sep 2017

Canfei He from Peking University discusses urban studies and the challenges of industrialisation in China read more..

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