Does zoning help or hinder transit-oriented (re)development?

29th Jun 2017

Does zoning help or hinder transit-oriented (re)development?

A new paper by Jenny Schuetz, Genevieve Giuliano and Eun Jin Shin, now available online...


Despite its reputation as a car-oriented city, the Los Angeles metropolitan area has made substantial investments in developing rail transit since 1990. Most new stations were added to an already dense built environment, with auto-oriented zoning and established land use patterns. In this paper we ask whether redevelopment is occurring around Los Angeles rail stations, and whether zoning and related policies are facilitating or constraining transit-oriented development. We conduct case studies of five stations, documenting zoning near stations, as well as the amount and type of new development after stations opened. Results illustrate that incompatible zoning and related land use policies may constrain growth near stations, but TOD-friendly zoning alone is not sufficient to spur development.

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