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21st Dec 2018

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Homonormative aesthetics: AIDS and ‘de-generational unremembering’ in 1990s London by Johan Andersson

Soho’s gay village in 1990s London as a case-study of the emergence of a homonormative aesthetic that deployed the themes of hygiene and affluence as symbolic resources against the stigma of AIDS.


Revisiting environmental inequity in Southern California: Does environmental risk increase in ethnically homogeneous or mixed communities? by Yushim Kim and Yongwan Chun

Who bears the environmental risk in southern California? A nuanced analysis of environmental inequalities among ethnically homogeneous and mixed communities using California Environmental Protection Agency’s latest data and models.


Training, skill-upgrading and settlement intention of migrants: Evidence from China by Qing Wang, Ting Ren and Ti Liu

Human capital that is acquired through training is more important than schooling in explaining migrants’ intention to settle in a city.


The evolution of inter-regional spatial mismatch in the USA: The role of skills and spatial structure by Tobias Theys, Nick Deschacht, Stef Adriaenssens and Dieter Verhaest

Looking at the spatial mismatch between local labour markets, this paper show the inter-regional spatial mismatch mainly affects low-skilled jobs and workers.


Latest Blog Posts

Linking Muslim youth in Madrid and Paris by Cecilia Eseverri Mayer

In Les Bosquets (Paris) young Muslims get trapped between the secular state, which does not recognise religious diversity in the public arena, thus somewhat legitimising various forms of everyday racism, and religion, which is too anchored in tradition.


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