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29th Apr 2019

The May Special Issue of Urban Studies is now available online

Special issue: Funding, financing and governing urban infrastructures

May 2019 cover

Read the full table of contents here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

‘Without water, there is no life’: Negotiating everyday risks and gendered insecurities in Karachi’s informal settlements by Nausheen H Anwar, Amiera Sawas and Daanish Mustafa

Anwar documents how in Karachi, a patriarchal stereotype of the militant or terrorist-controlled water supply is wielded with the aim of upholding statist national #security concerns that undermine women’s and men’s daily security in water provisioning.


Emerging divided cities in China: Socioeconomic segregation in Shanghai, 2000–2010 by Jie Shen and Yang Xiao

Xiao and Shen chart socioeconomic segregation in Shanghai after the end of the provision of welfare housing: along with the emergence of high status and migrant neighbourhoods, Shanghai has grown more divided based on individual socioeconomic status.


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