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6th May 2019

Editors' Featured Articles

A new selection of Editors' Featured Articles is now available free on Urban Studies Online.

Featured articles include:

Governing urbanism: Urban governance studies 1.0, 2.0 and beyond by Eugene McCann

What next for the study of urban governance? 


The post-political state? The role of administrative reform in managing tensions between urban growth and liveability in Brisbane, Australia by Andrew Clarke, Lynda Cheshire

Investigating how government responses to problems arising from urban population growth perpetuate post-politics in cities.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Assessing airport ground access by public transport in Chinese cities by Xingjian Liu

New article assesses airport ground access by public transit in China and calls for more systematic data collection related to airport ground access to inform policy and research.


Cities in an era of interfacing infrastructures: Politics and spatialities of the urban nexus Special issue editorial by Jochen Monstadt and Olivier Coutard

Monstadt and Coutard introduce a collection of papers that critically appraise how concepts of nexus and infrastructureIntegration have become guiding visions for the development of green, resilient or smart cities.


In search of the skilled city: Skills and the occupational evolution of British cities Debates Paper by Peter Sunley, Ron Martin, Ben Gardiner and Andy Pike

Recent research has argued that human capital has become the key driver of city growth and that there is a widening gap between high and low-skill cities. This Debates Paper identifies and examines the main propositions that inform the skilled city view. 


Anchoring capital in place: The grounded impact of international wealth chains on housing markets in London by Rex McKenzie and Rowland Atkinson

‘Offshore investment vehicles and concealment of wealth from national tax agencies have become key mechanisms by which housing resources have been exploited by the wealthy and the deployment of their capital by agents’ 

Read the blog here.


The variegated role of the state in different gated neighbourhoods in China by Tingting Lu, Fangzhu Zhang and Fulong Wu

Analysis of how housing commodification in China has led to the development of different gated neighbourhoods including ‘commodity housing’, affordable housing and resettlement housing.


Recognising the edible urban commons: Cultivating latent capacities for transformative governance in Singapore by Huiying Ng

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Environmental governance for urban resilience in the Asia-Pacific

Ng conceptualises edible urban commons as “active moments” where a generative form of friction and fiction emerges, and as such, as allegorical packages that transmit latent capacities.


Exploring the theories, determinants and policy options of street vending: A demand-side approach by Eghosa O Igudia

Igudia draws on analysis of street vending at Lagos to highlight the need for urban planners to embrace pragmatic policies in addressing demand side drivers rather than criminalising actors.


New rail transit stations and the out-migration of low-income residents by Elizabeth Delmelle and Isabelle Nilsson

Delmelle and Nilsson test the hypothesis that low-income residents disproportionately move out of neighbourhoods in close proximity new rail transit stations by trace the out migration of residents across the US within 5 years of the opening of a new station.


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