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8th Oct 2018

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Transitional optics: Exploring liminal spaces after conflict by Joanne Murphy and Sara McDowell

‘Transitional optics’ in societies moving out of conflict can physically illuminate the complex nature of building peace. A case study of Derry/Londonderry and Bilbao.


Framing city networks through temporary projects: (Trans)national film production beyond ‘Global Hollywood’ by Michael Hoyler and Allan Watson

"A novel study of (trans)national co-production in the motion picture industry" adopting an inter-firm project-based approach.


Safety net? The use of vouchers when a place-based rental subsidy ends by Vincent J Reina and Ben Winter

On limitations of a voucher as a safety net, and the varying implications that the loss of a place-based rental subsidy has on subsidized households.


Book reviews now available on Urban Blog

Sustainable Smart Cities in India book cover

Book review: Sustainable Smart Cities in India: Challenges and Future Perspectives

by Federico Cugurullo

The mosaic put together by the 88 contributors gives a clear picture of the many human and non-human facets of smart interventions in India; enhanced by the breadth of the disciplines involved, which form a rare and much needed pool of diverse methodologies.



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