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29th Oct 2018

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Neighbourhood effects in cross-Atlantic perspective: A longitudinal analysis of impacts on intergenerational mobility in the USA and Germany by Junia Howell

A blueprint for conducting cross-national neighbourhood effects studies illuminating how the nature and severity of neighbourhood effects are nationally specific.

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Help whom and help what? Intergenerational co-residence and the gender differences in time use among dual-earner households in Beijing, China by Na Ta, Zhilin Liu and Yanwei Chai

Intergenerational co-residence mitigates the employment-household responsibilities tension but only enables women to shift their time use from household responsibilities to employment rather than to pursue discretionary activities.


Book reviews now available on Urban Blog

Black London book cover

Book review - Black London: The Imperial Metropolis and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century

Authored by Marc Matera and reviewed by Ben Gowland

"Matera’s tracking of black Londoners through spaces both material and imagined takes the reader on a journey through Soho nightclubs, diasporic hostels, film sets, lecture theatres and the bedrooms and parlours of those he studies in a process which highlights the interconnectedness of diverse sites of intellectual debate, cultural production and intimate personal encounter."



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