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27th Apr 2018

A method for estimating localised space-use pattern and its applications in integrated land-use transport modelling by Ming Zhong, Bilin Yu, Shaobo Liu, John Douglas Hunt and Huini Wang

Developing a better representation of the elasticity between space use and rent through improved space-use-rent curves.


Theorising small city as ordinary city: Rethinking development and urbanism from China’s south-west frontier by Junxi Qian and Xueqiong Tang

Ordinary city and comparative urbanism: urban processes and changes at the margin of global economy.


The hidden side of the entropy-based land-use mix index: Clarifying the relationship between pedestrian volume and land-use mix by Ha Na Im and Chang Gyu Choi

Clarifying the relationship between pedestrian volume and land-use mix.


Re-assembling sustainable food cities: An exploration of translocal governance and its multiple agencies by Ana Moragues-Faus and Roberta Sonnino

Do translocal initiatives have the capacity to reconfigure the food governance context? 

Read the blog by Ana Moragues-Faus here.


‘Deal or no deal?’ Governing urban infrastructure funding and financing in the UK City Deals by Peter O’Brien and Andy Pike. This paper is part of a forthcoming Special issue entitled Funding, financing and governing urban infrastructures.

Financialisation as a socially and spatially variegated process: the UK City Deals.


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