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27th Aug 2018

Use and validation of location-based services in urban research: An example with Dutch restaurants Methodological Paper by Daniel Arribas-Bel and Jessie Bakens

Exploring the geographical bias that arises when new types of datasets are used for research in urban domains.


‘Pray for transit’: Seeking transportation justice in metropolitan Atlanta by Alex Karner and Richard Duckworth

"Using primary and secondary source materials, this article illuminates precisely what made the Clayton County effort a success and looks to the future of public transit in the metropolitan region."


Immigration and house prices under various labour market structures in England and Wales by Jiazhe Zhu, Gwilym Pryce and Sarah Brown

Examining the local area house price effects of immigration.

Book Reviews:

Austerity and Democracy in Athens book cover

Book review: Austerity and Democracy in Athens: Crisis and Community in Exarchia (Monia Cappuccini) reviewed by Georgia Alexandri

"This book directly depicts the multiple and multi-dimensional symbolisms the place of Exarchia has for emancipatory politics, grievances and small-scale victories that actually crack neoliberalism."
The Dead City book cover

Book review: The Dead City: Urban Ruins and the Spectacle of Decay (Paul Dobraszczyk) reviewed by Pablo Arboleda

"Since the sites studied in this book have long been characterised by ruination, the most interesting feature in Dobraszczyk’s thought is his emphasis on incorporating architectural decay – as a representative, cultural value – into any envisaged project."

Key Thinkers on Cities book cover

Book review symposium: Key Thinkers on Cities

Commentary I: Reviewed by Heather McLean, University of Glasgow, UK

Commentary II: Reviewed by CS Ponder, University of Minnesota, USA

Commentary III: Reviewed by Felipe Magalhães, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil


Latest News:

Abstract submission deadline has been extended to 17th September for New Horizons for Cities and Regions in a Changing World, RSA Winter Conference 2018 will take place in London Holiday Inn Bloomsbury on 15th – 16th November 2018. Details on RSA website.



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