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11th Jun 2018

Neighbourhood change and neighbour complaints: How gentrification and densification influence the prevalence of problems between neighbours by Lynda Cheshire, Robin Fitzgerald and Yan Liu

How does urban change in the form of gentrification and/or densification impact the social order of affected neighbourhoods? 


Spatial structure and labour productivity: Evidence from prefectures in China by Wan Li, Bindong Sun and Tinglin Zhang

Evidence for the role morphological monocentricity plays in enhancing productivity in China 

Trip and parking generation rates for different housing types: Effects of compact development by Guang Tian, Keunhyun Park, Reid Ewing

"Reducing the number of required parking spaces, and vehicle trips for which mitigation is required, creates the potential for significant savings when developing urban projects."


Knowing urban informalities by Colin Marx and Emily Kelling. This paper is part of a forthcoming Special issue entitled Transcending (in)formal urbanism

How do Anglo-phone urban scholars know urban informalities? 


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