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2nd Jul 2018


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New on OnlineFirst

Do low-paid workers benefit from the urban escalator? Evidence from British cities by Sanne Velthuis, Paul Sissons and Nigel Berkeley

Investigating the relationship between city size and earnings progression for low-wage workers using British panel data 


Urban China through the lens of neoliberalism: Is a conceptual twist enough? Critical Commentary by Yu Zhou, George CS Lin, Jun Zhang

China through the lens of neoliberalism – can this discourse ever capture the trajectories of China’s urban transformation? 


A new waste and energy nexus? Rethinking the modernisation of waste services in Delhi by Rémi de Bercegol, Shankare Gowda. This article is part of a forthcoming Special Issue: Interfacing infrastructure in cities: Politics and spatialities of the urban nexus
How utilities engage with ‘informality’ to produce access to ‘formal’ electricity networks through everyday processes of maintenance and repair 


Electricity services always in the making: Informality and the work of infrastructure maintenance and repair in an African city by Idalina Baptista. This article is part of a forthcoming Special Issue: Transcending (informal) urbanism


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