New book review essay on Domestic Fortress

4th Dec 2017

A new book review by The Roestone Collective: Elsa Noterman and Heather Rosenfeld is now available online


Domestic Fortress takes fear among the affluent as its starting point. Examining why affluent residents of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have increasingly turned to fortifying and securitising their homes and neighbourhoods in spite of falling crime rates, Atkinson and Blandy coin the phrase ‘domestic fortress’ to describe these homes and the term ‘tessellated neoliberalism’ to explain their context. The home, in their analysis, is increasingly portrayed as a simultaneously safe and unsafe space – materially, symbolically and psychically – embodying fear, security and (exchange) value. Atkinson and Blandy thus aptly use the concept of the ‘domestic fortress’ as a key analytical tool in order to consider the impacts and proliferation of neoliberalism into the most intimate spaces of some people’s lives...


You can access and read the full article here


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